About Me and This Blog

Hello all :)  I am a Coloring Book addict and Crayon sniffer from way back. 

cray12     The highlight of my Christmas mornings was a new coloring book and crayons.  The colors had to be all laid out and sorted before being reboxed in the 'correct' order and then the coloring book was lovingly thumbed through before choosing where to start.

     Now that I am older my coloring books have evolved from Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake to the Secret Garden and Dragons, but there are still crayons every Christmas morning to sniff and sort, before lovingly coloring that first image.

     Amazon has made coloring books of all types available to everyone.  Five years ago when doing a Search for adult coloring books only a handful came up, now there are over 400 from Dover alone. 

     And just as my coloring options have changed, so has what I color with.  I still love Crayola Crayons but they just don't get in the little corners as well as some of the other options.  Colored pencils, markers, pens and endless varieties of each.  I have my favorites that I keep coming back to because they are familiar and do what I want, but occasionally I will try something new and find a new favorite (still not convinced by the glitter gel pens).

     After all isn't that what coloring is all about? Exploring options? Deciding which lines to cross and which to leave alone? Playing, with no judgments and no expectations?  Setting yourself free to embrace old favorites and discover new ones?

     There have been a lot of articles about how therapeutic coloring can be, reduces stress, calming good for the soul, these are things parents have known for ages.  'Go Color!' they would say. and off you would go to a place where the biggest problem is the sky blue not being the right color of sky or your brother hogging the red crayon.

  I started this blog to share what I love about coloring.  Everything reviewed here is something I have actually held in my hands and used.  But still it is my opinion and opinions differ, don't be afraid to try something just because I didn't care for it.  I have eclectic tastes but I can pretty much guarantee that it has to be a pretty special coloring book of cars for me to get excited.

If you have something you want me to review check and see if I already have it (I have a lot) and if I don't, send it to me.  (I will get an amazon page set up soon). 

PS: my grammer and spelling are atrocious, please ignore it or tell me how to fix it.  I ignore and remove rude comments, all others I will try and respond to, but time is limited.